Sta Green Weed And Feed

Use Sta-Green Weed and Feed if you want to achieve a lush and weed-free lawn plus a healthy root system. With the ability to kill and further inhibit the growth of more than 250 weeds, this brand has been one of the top choices of both professional gardeners and ordinary home owners alike when it comes to the maintenance of their turfs. The product’s ability to extend the release of its fertilizer component for months is an added benefit for the long term health of your lawn’s grass.

Basic information on weed and feed

For beginners, you might wonder what this type of product is and when do you need to use it. In its very basic explanation, a weed and feed product combines both the ability to kill existing weeds and fertilize (feed) your turf or lawn. Aside from eliminating unwanted grasses and bringing nutrition, these products also help improve the root system of the turf which is directly responsible for the grasses’ physical strength, ability to absorb water and nutrients and its overall health.

sta green weed and feed

When it comes to Sta-Green Weed and Feed application, it’s important for users to know the very basic guidelines to maximize its effectiveness and eliminate the risk of damaging the grass itself. A weed and feed mix can only be used up to four times a year and is best applied during spring, summer and early or late spring. It should be used when the weeds are actively growing, when the climate and grass is dry, and must be spread in the proper manner.

Sta Green Weed and Feed Products

Though most of the weed and feed mixes offered by the brand have that same efficacy when it comes to fertilization and killing weed, there are currently five variants designed for more specific applications.

sta green weed and feed application

1. Weed & Feed Basic

This is the basic weed and feed mix offered by the brand. The herbicide component is capable of killing over 250 kinds of weeds. The fertilizer mix is at 28-0-4 ratio or 28% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorous and 4% Potassium. The fertilization is on an extended release of 3 months which is ideal for long term health. And the product is recommended for use in spring or fall season.

2. Weed & Feed Broad Spectrum

This is the upgraded mix of the Basic weed and feed. It is broad spectrum meaning it can kill a wider variety of weeds. It can be applied even to the sensitive types of grasses like centipede. And the waiting time for you to seed is reduced at 4 weeks instead of the 6 weeks in all other products. Fertilizer ratio is still at 28-0-4.

sta green southern weed and feed

3. Sta Green Southern Weed and Feed

The Southern Weed & Feed is especially formulated for the climate of the southern regions which is more temperate. When dealing with tough weeds of the south, this mix can eradicate them and keep them at bay for as long as 3 months. Fertilizer ratio is 20-0-5 and is extendedly released for 2 months. This weed and feed mix is also designed to strengthen the root system of your turf.

4. Winterized Weed & Feed

As its name suggests, the winterized weed and feed helps protect your turf or lawn from the harsh winter condition. It promotes stronger and deeper roots keeping your grass healthy while it hibernates. Additionally, this product induces early lushness and green-up as soon as spring arrives. The fertilizer mix is 26-0-12 and extendedly released for 3 months.

sta green weed and feed reviews

5. Ready-to-Spray Weed & Feed

When you need immediate weeding action, choose the ready-to-spray weed and feed mix. The product is capable of killing weeds and fertilizing your lawn in one easy application. The mix which contains 20% Nitrogen is recommended for use in spring.

What customers are saying

Check out some Sta Green Weed and Feed reviews to learn how customers are transforming their lawns using the abovementioned mixes. Though there can be concerns about the products, it is important to take note that proper use and application is required to reap the full benefits of Sta Green Weed and Feed.

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